Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Do you think 60's will reach the bottom ?

19 May 2014

Craig and I took advantage of the great forecast and headed early morning to the Rannoch Wall.

Crossing easy gully was scary with hard icy snow but once across and on route we had great sunny and warm weather.

On Agag's, Craig lead the first 2 pitches and I lead the last 2. The rock was in great condition after the winter.

We abseiled down January Jigsaw to the big block belay on Agag's to climb the last 2 pitches. The plan was to climb all pitches but there were 2 teams already on pitch 1 and 2.

The climbing was fantastic on good grippy rock with holds where you needed them. I think we have climbed every possible option on the last pitch over the years, some slightly harder than others, but all great.

The temptation is to run the last two pitches together but that would be selfish...

We abseiled again to see how far the 60m ropes would take us down the wall… all the way bar 2 meters is the answer, be careful.

Another great day in the Coe.

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