Thursday, 31 October 2013

Rigging in the rain

Quick look at Kingussie crag at the weekend, some nice looking lines but too wet to climb so Craig tied some knots…

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rainbow but no turtle …

20 October 2013

A weekend at Peter's chalet on Loch Fyne started well with some good home cooking, beer, wine and plans made for the Saturday morning paddle on the water.

Dreich described the weather the next morning but we kitted up and headed onto the water with Stuart taking a team shot to give to the coast guard just in case !

We paddled across the loch and hugged the coast before finding a spot
for lunch.

As the tide turned we headed back across and arrived at the Oystercatcher in good time for refreshments and rest before the obligatory eskimo roll session… the new 'dry kit' got the thumbs up from everyone.

Great food and beer helped reconstruct the days events to tales of 2m high waves and storm force winds, tiger sharks, sea eagles and knife carrying seals.

The  weather on Sunday didn't disappoint the bike ride with heavy rain for 70 kilometers. A quick coffee and cake stop before we loaded the kit and headed home.

Thanks Peter for being a great host and the font of all local knowledge.

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