Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Button hole...

24 September 2011

In an effort to find Craig more challenging navigation ground we headed up Stob nan Coinnich above Ardlui. This is really good ground apart from the bracken slopes lower down. Lots and lots of contour interpretation using 1:50 maps which proved challenging even with 100% visibility. After Lunch (tomato btw) we did some rigging of simple lowers and abseils using a variety of rock features as anchors. The key focus here is keep it simple and be slick and err, “keep it simple”. Craig did well despite the odd "blonde" and senior moment.

Looking forward to more tomato soup on Thursday PM 

Friday, 23 September 2011

If it's tomato soup...

20 September 2011
...it must be Tuesday and more night navigation with Craig this time on the hills down Glen Luss. Looking forward to Saturday and who knows what flavour of soup.

Thursday, 15 September 2011



Despite the severe weather warnings on the back of hurricane Katia Craig and I headed onto the hill for some more mid-week night navigation. Heavy rain and CLAG made for zero visibility and great training conditions. Craig had 100% success for the set navigation points I asked him to find.
Great jet-boiled tomato soup, sarnie and crisps courtesy of Craig as we sheltered behind a rock in the pitch dark.

A good humoured
Northern Constabulary, who were on patrol, were there to greet us as we got back to the car (they spotted our head torches).

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Black Magic

8th September 2011

More midweek night navigation with Craig. Hand railing is key backed up with timing and pacing ... its addictive.

Interesting rock (mica schist) fracture
Craig counting contours ...
No map, no compass, no head torch, no wonder he's lost.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pea Souper...

Heavy rain and CLAG did not prevent us from plodding up Beinn Ime. The Streams were all in spate so we contoured round the hill and hand-railed our way to the summit using various features. Craig would have enjoyed but he was busy looking after some bikers !

Nav Nav Nav...

27 August 20011 

The uber poisonous Devils Matchstick 
On the hill with Craig ... timing, pacing, abseil and security on steep ground...

The dark art ...

25 August 2011

With Craig's ML Summer Assessment fast approaching he was keen to get out in the dark. He has put in loads of ground work so his navigation was spot on ... 

4Hrs later and still on the same spot !