Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sending more than a card…

14th February 2016

Shelf Route IV,6

Knowing the start of this route means you have to commit to the lower reaches of Crowberry Gully, Craig and I opted to atack the ridge head on. This made for 2 interesting pitches before we got onto the route proper.

Craig with some good beta sent me ahead with the instructions to climb the centre of three chimneys, me having never been able to follow instructions,  headed up the left hand one instead. This made for good sustained bridging with good hooks but unhelpful snow. The difficulties not being over till I swam up the deep unconsolidated powder to the belay, this was dug and backed up as the stance was steep.

Craig followed and climbed on till he found a suitable spike for us to bail from. It took us 4 abseils to get us off the route clear of Crowberry Gully.

An exiting day with good decisions made getting on and off our route.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Wild at heart…

Sunday 7th February

Craig and I had Liam and Robbie on the hill on Sunday for a bit of skills and a look at safe travel.

The avalanche hazard was considerable so there was a lot of learning done and the boys seemed happy with the bombardment of information discussed off the hill and how it was all deployed on the hill on a truly wild day...

The snow was unhelpful on the Zig Zags but this weeks colder temperatures should help firm up the snow pack for some good climbing.

More here on the Simply Epic Adventures website