Sunday, 11 January 2015

Everyday a school day...

4th January 2014

I headed into SCNL with Gerry, Murray and George. With 5ºc at the car we thought we would be taking the rack and ropes for a walk. The walk-in was warmer than usual but we split into 2 teams both heading for Twisting... some gamesmanship had Murray and I arrive at the belay first leaving Gerry and George to go in search of something that looked "in".

Twisting was full of unhelpful snow where you wanted neve but we made it past the first difficulty. The chockstone was a technical grade harder today (IMHO) and the final pitch was on soft snow and turf. Good climbing tho and Murray enjoyed so much he offered to carry both ropes out!

Gerry and George headed up Dorsal after bailing on a soggy Langsam. The pinnacles were in good icy nick and looked great fun from our vantage point.

Funny video from Murray of the day here.