Tuesday, 12 March 2013

4.30am - boots on...

9th-10th March 2013

Craig and I headed to the Ben on Friday night for a weekend of climbing.  We had big plans (Point 5 and Green), but the wind on Saturday morning was vicious and was repelling teams at the CIC hut. Some folk (brave or bold) headed in the direction of Minus 1 gully and Orion but with people (including me) getting blown off their feet we decided to travel deep into Corrie na Ciste to see what was “in” and “scope” out future routes.

The following morning with the wind abating slightly, but it was still Artic cold. We arrived first at the foot of Green Gully IV,4*** This "Cold Climbs" classic, is well climbed and justifies its popularity and status.

I led off up the first pitch with Craig following through. We swung leads with every pitch, interesting and engaging, but never overly difficult or tricky. The ice and neve was in great condition and the wind died as I led the final rope length to the plateau.

Most of the pics are of me as my camera got frostbite on route (sorry Craig).

We had a great weekend with fantastic climbing in a world class location...Scotland at its best.

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