Monday, 6 February 2012

7 days that had me in stitches...

23 - 29th January

Winter ML training last week, Monday on Aonach Mor looking at step cutting, ice axe arrest and crampon work as well as lots of snowpack analysis. Tuesday confidence roping on the Ben (+ snowpack analysis). Wednesday more rope work, anchors and snowpack analysis on Beinn a Chaorainn. Thursday we journeyed into Craig Meggie and spent 4 hrs digging snow holes before some night navigation and a balmy night at –1ÂșC. Friday the journey continued with a 30min stop for us to dig personal snow shelters and loads more snowpack analysis.  Saturday, back on the Ben traversing onto the upper half of “Ledge Route” from no 5 gully; looking at managing clients on grade 1 ground.  Some “white out” navigation to the top of number 4 gully, bollards and stompers over the cornice lip and more confidence roping to finish the day. Sunday we beasted into SCNL to take security on steep ground to new heights with Craig and I climbing Twisting 111*** and Becki & Casper climbed NC and Dorsal. 

A Great but very physical week with loads of learning, new friends made, and 3 stitches to close a deep crampon wound to my hand on day 2.