Friday, 17 June 2011

Midweek mid summer madness and hot aches !

16th June 2011

June should be about long balmy nights on the cobbler climbing till midnight. Dan and I used to do this, Craig and I did this last year and in April this year, so with Mid summers night approaching and BLUE forecast for the weekend, we shot the crow early and walked up the short sharp Glen Crow side of the mountain. Craig using the opportunity to pace and time, 1h 6mins to the Bealach. As we geared up the CLAG came in and as Craig led off up the first pitch of Incubator I shivered on belay with hood up and gloves on. I led the second pitch with cold fingers and had the hot aches at the next belay. With sensible heads on we retreated shivering and cursing the Scottish summer. Bizarre that you get more routes done in the winter than summer! Back at the car in 46mins and home for midnight.

No day or night on the hill is bad though, just means we need to go back and do it all again...