Sunday, 17 April 2011


Me off line on Morwind
Craig on the first pitch of Lickety Spit
22 January 2011
After a couple of weeks of high avalanche conditions and some long mountaineering days Craig and I were keen to climb. There was snow, but again the temperature was high. We headed for Aonach Mor, abseiled in and traversed to the base of Morwind. I led the first pitch but wandered left and right and left again, looking for good axe placements. Being off route I found myself high above my pro, standing on one foot and scratching around for anything solid...nothing, then a nut...phew! Placed, clipped and bailed. Craig had a go at Lickety Spit before we headed for the climbers coll. Another great day with a lift down the hill on the piste basher.